Raking Bunkers

Sand bunkers are enough of a hazard without the bad lies caused by an unraked surface, so here's some quick tips for making sure that the next golfer who faces your predicament isn't additionally cursed by an ungroomed bunker.

Try to enter and exit the bunker from the point that's closest to your ball, but most level to the adjacent playing surface. Don't try to climb out by going up a steep bunker face (you can damage the lip of the bunker and displace too much sand).

Always rake the bunker immediately after your sand shot.

​Be careful not to pull excess sand to (or over) the lip of the bunker. The best practice is to alternate between pulling sand toward you and pushing it back with the tines of the rake, thus making a relatively even surface without displacing too much sand.

Bunker rakes are to be placed inside the bunker.

By the way, the USGA reminds us that the proper term is "bunker," and never "trap." Good luck!