Lightning First Aid

If a player in your group is struck by lightning, the person is no longer carrying any electrical current, so you can apply first aid immediately. The golfer will be burned and have received a severe electrical shock.

People who have been apparently "killed" by lightning can be revived if quick action is taken. If you must make a choice, treat those who are not breathing first -- those who are unconscious but still breathing will probably come out of it on their own.

First aid should be rendered to those not breathing within four to six minutes to prevent irrevocable brain damage. Mouth-to mouth resuscitation should be administered once every five seconds to adults and once every three seconds to infants and small children.

However, if the victim is not breathing and has no pulse, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is necessary, but should be administered only by persons with proper training. You should also check for burns along the extremities and around areas in contact with metal, give first aid for shock and then send for help.